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Property Appraisals


The benefits of renting your property through a specialized property management agency may not be immediately obvious. Experience shows however that the unrivalled knowledge and a superior level of service offered by a specialized agency are essential to maintaining the quality of your property and maximizing your financial returns.

Knowledge of the local market is paramount. Tenants and property owners both realize that it is vastly different from the market as a whole, and the property management division must understand those different. Harrys Property Management are constantly undertakaing ongoing research to ensure we maintain an intimate knowledge of the demographics and statistics of our local area market. This of course provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that this is the only way to sustain superior, knowledgeable and expert service and advice. This knowledge is backed up with state of the art ireviloution intelligence systems, supported by cutting edge technology and advanced property management training as well as the benefits of a trusted real estate brand, Harrys Property Management.

Leasing and managing properties requires specialized knowledge not only of our local market, but negotiating skills taking into consideration business and area trends that have a direct influence on the market. Our property management team have a ‘hands on’ approach to following market trends and keeing up to date with market movements which all have a direct effect on the expected rental return and application negotiations.

Good service is not a characteristic you can take for granted. A further benefit of specializing is that it allows more time for your property’s manager to attend to your needs, as well as those of your property and the tenant. At Harrys Property Management, both you and your property are not just a number in a list of hundreds, you are a valued client with individual requirements we seek to fulfill.

When assessing the rental value of a Property, we take into account factors that assist in leasing your Property promptly. This includes comparison of similar properties, current vacancies and market trends. Obtaining a realistic rental value ensures that your Property is let as quickly as possible for a better financial return on your investment.

A rental value range will be provided so that you can make a sound decision based on your personal situation. The higher figure will represent a rental that may be achieved given time, and may be used to test the market. The lower figure is one that may appeal to a Tenant quickly. Somewhere in between would be considered a reasonable market value to locate a suitable Tenant in a reasonable time frame.

We will provide you with feedback. Our feedback to you is important so that we can both make practical and informed rental assessments and vary the rental amount as needed. Lessor’s using our management services are provided with a regular appraisal at the end of each lease or annually, whichever comes first. If possible, we aim at achieving a higher rent for Lessor’s although this depends on many factors such as the condition of Property and the market activity.